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My name is Alfred Landen, I am an Artist and Illustrator from South London and Graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2020 with a First Class Honours in Illustration. I have exhibited work at venues such as the Copland gallery and Peckham Levels in Peckham and the Horsebridge galley in Whitstable. Alongside this I have painted murals with Ishoo collective for the London Mural festival and am a current member of the Deptford X collective.


My main sum of work is based in commercial illustration, designing and working for companies such as continuing can illustrations for Bianca Road brewery in Bermondsey and Onei in Sicily. I have also previously worked illustrating album artwork for Mongrol music, and designed a logo for Apparently Racing’s race across Mexico along side many other commercial jobs.

paper airplane.png
paper airplane.png

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